Mission Statement

To provide a level of service that will exceed the expectations of our clients, maintain the highest level of quality and allow our employees the opportunity to grow and prosper. To instill confidence with all parties by professionally managing all aspects of each and every project be it large or small.

Core Values

To always be truthful, open and candid Honesty:
To do what we say, live up to the highest standard of fairness and ethical behavior .Integrity:
We seek new opportunities to learn, to improve, to teach and to add value Culture:
We love what we do, we lead by example and we take the lead.Passion:

Antonio McKoy
President & C.E.O

Contractor's Profile

Le’Antonio’s Roofing and Construction Limited has evolved out of the consistently excellent work of a group of qualified, skilled and experienced building professionals who have worked in the construction sector for many years. These professionals have pooled their professional skills and knowledge to provide a broader range of building services

and products related to the market.

Le’Antonio’s Roofing and Construction is staffed by both

full-time and part-time architects, engineers and builders.

Our company also works with a team of experienced

sub-contractors who over the years have provided high

quality finished products at very reasonable rates to clients.

Working together, our full-time and independent contractors will ensure the highest possible standards of designing and implementing projects are attained.



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Young developer pours $500m into town-house project
March 16, 2008

Le-Antonio Roofing and Construction for all your construction needs

Le-Antonio Roofing and Construction for all your construction needs

Imagine a luxurious three-bedroom dwelling in upscale Porto Bello Gardens on your own ¼ to ½ acre property, complete with spacious master bathroom outfitted with radio telephone and Jacuzzi and a state of the art kitchen. Throw in a beautifully landscaped park, tennis court and fitness center and you have the complete trappings of luxurious living. Le-Antonio Roofing and Construction Limited intends to bring just this to the market and recently completed the design on their 54 unit housing development. The company, which has been reaping success with its offer of a $2.8 million build on own land two-bedroom dwelling, is now tackling another area of the market. The company, Montego Bay’s newest real estate developers, aims to provide a complete hassle free service in building and home furnishing, with an emphasis on high quality and timely delivery. Located at the Blue Diamond Shopping Mall, Le Antonio operated from a core philosophy of integrity, transparency and the highest regard for customer satisfaction. They incorporate the latest thinking and innovation in roofing, energy use, security features and aesthetics in their designs, offering a complete package. This includes landscaping, interior decorating, pool installation and the sourcing and supply of fine furniture and appliances. Guided by the philosophy that “no project is too large, no job too small” the company also provides a wide range of services including re-roofing, repainting and general re-modeling of all types of properties. Le-Antonio comprises a team of the most accomplished professionals who have a track record of delivering results and even exceeding expectations. Experts in the creation and execution of building projects they utilize the very latest technology and products in designing and constructing residential, commercial and recreational properties. The company also employs strategies guaranteed to greatly reduce turn around time on projects which results in huge over runs and escalating costs, resulting in great savings for the customer. The company has also established a foundation aimed at giving back to communities in parishes where they undertake housing projects. A percentage of profits go to worthy community programmes aimed at improving health care, education and sports development in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Jamaica Observer: Thursday, October 18, 2007



October 18, 2007

We advertise because

We advertise because

The idea of a nationally circulated newspaper that would focus specifically on the western end of the island was too good a concept for many advertisers to pass up. Subsequently, a number of them jumped onboard last year and never look back. Coral Cliff, Knutsford Express, Le Antonio Constriction and Adventure Tours are chief among those who have forged a mutually beneficial partnership with the Observer West and to this day continue to lend their invaluable support as the newspaper seeks to inform, educate and entertain the region… Advertising with the Observer West has also paid off for Le Antonio Roofing and Construction Limited, a bold and dynamic addition to the real estate and construction industry in Jamaica. The company which brings together a pool of skilled professionals with years of expertise offers customers a quality option in building services. The company’s signature offering, a build-on-own land package, gives customers the option of a two, three or four-bedroom unit starting at an affordable $2.6 million. They have now embarked on a Joint Venture Agreement involving the construction of luxury three-bedroom dwellings on 54 lots in a new upscale subdivision at Porto Bello Estates in St. James. “Advertising with the Observer West has been good so far. I have been getting inquiries from people saying they have seen the ad,” says CEO Antonio McKoy… Observer West: Thursday, July 26, 2007



Thursday 26, July 2007

Le-Antonio's back to school treat


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Le' Antonio's Foundation


In keeping with our avowed commitment to the healthy and positive development of communities in the Western parishes in which we conduct business, the Directors of Le Antonio’s Roofing and Construction have formed Le Antonio’s Foundation. The Foundation operates as a wholly charitable entity with an overriding interest in fostering the harmonious and dignified growth and development of several targeted communities in St. James and adjoining parishes.

Our company donates one per cent of every project to the Foundation. These funds are used generally to assist with the improvement of infrastructure, general amenities and the standard of living in the targeted communities. The Directors of Le Antonio’s Roofing & Construction Ltd have identified four areas which are especially deserving of the focus, commitment and involvement of the Foundation

Education Health Sport Mentorship

1. Education: Schools within the targeted communities which require improvements to infrastructure and general facilities will benefit as a matter of priority from funds allocated by the Foundation for education. The Foundation

will also donate furniture and equipment where necessary to better facilitate a wholesome and progressive atmosphere within which learning can take place. 


A scholarship program will shortly be in place for final year students studying “Architecture & Construction Engineering” at the University of Technology.

This fund will come directly from projects that the company will be engaged in.



  • 2. Health: The Le Antonio Foundation will also create a health fund which will be applied to the needs of the communities to improve and deepen the delivery of health care to residents. Special focus will be given to the provision of health care facilities to children and the elderly. The Directors of the Foundation will ensure that adequate resources are identified to assist with the improvement of physical facilities at local health centers and clinics which deal with the vast majority of residents.



3. Sports: Recognising the powerful unifying and cultural force which accompanies the involvement of young people in competitive sporting activities, The Foundation will expand the current on-going competitions in popular sporting events. Emphasis will be on creating a number of new competitions so as to widen the involvement of young people in the 12 to 30 age group.


The Directors believe passionately that sports will help to reduce anti-social and aggressive behavior now rampant especially in young people in many local communities.


4. Mentor Programme: This innovation is regarded by the Directors of the Foundation as being absolutely vital to the survival of youths in certain disadvantaged communities. Accomplished and respected individuals are asked to join the Foundation’s effort to provide a group of wholesome and positive role models, especially for young people who will be encouraged to form healthy associations which can assist to channel their goals along positive paths.


The Foundation will provide the necessary resources to enable the programme to reach the widest cross-section of young people in the respective communities.

The Mission: In seeking to attain its objectives, the Foundation is seeking meaningful and dynamic partnerships with the widest cross section of groups and organizations including Churches, Civic and Statutory Organizations as well as NGO’s. The Directors of the Foundation fervently believe that its stated objectives are both desirable and attainable.


We accept donations to our outreach programme


Antonio McKoy,foundation
Founder & President,
1 Barnett Lane,
Montego Bay,
Jamaica W.I.
Tel: (876) 353-1389
USA: (305) 468-4476
Website: www.leantoniosconstruction.com
Email: antonio.mckoy@yahoo.com