• Air Conditioning Sales

    Le Antonio’s Ltd has now acquired the right to distribute state of the art Edjitsu Air Condition systems through our Montego Bay office.

    Powered by premium compressors built by such legendary names as Toshiba, Mitsubishi and Sanyo, these units offer a dynamic blend of luxurious efficiency and real operating economy. The units reflect the latest, most attractive external design coupled with built in electronic efficiencies that guarantee the lowest operating cost per unit.

    Units are now available in sizes ranging from 9000- 24000 BTU for wall mounted split units and 36000-48000 BTU for floor ceiling type units. Service and parts are guaranteed through the primary distributors Caribbean Coolers which operate in Jamaica with associated companies in the United Kingdom.

    Call Le Antonio’s Ltd. now for quotations on the model which is best suited to your home, office or resort need.

    “Premium air conditioning characterized by style, efficiency and economy has never been so easily available.”



Architectural Designs & House Plans



Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves

In keeping with Le Antonio’s commitment to provide the finest range of critical building services,the company has contracted the services of highly trained, innovative architects who have a proven track record of designing some of the finest residential and commercial buildings throughout the island.





Le Antonio’s is therefore in an excellent position to provide high quality architectural plans and designs for extremely affordable fees.Our architect will meet with you and discuss the details of your dream house, commercial centre or resort. Le Antonio’s will guarantee the delivery of the finished plan within the agreed time.


Our committed team will also do all the required day to day follow up with the relevant authorities to ensure the avoidance of delay with approvals. Poorly designed houses and long delay with approvals is now a thing of the past when you use the architectural services of Le Antonio’s Roofing & Construction  Ltd. Call now for quotations on fees for any type of residential or commercial building.
“The design of a lifetime is indeed the first step in fulfilling your dream"