Two Bedroom Project

Build on your own land – 2 bedroom,

2 bathroom, living, kitchen
& washroom


Architectual Drawings

In keeping with Le Antonio’s commitment to provide the finest range of critical building services,

Architectural Services

In keeping with Le Antonio’s commitment to provide the finest range of critical building services,the company has contracte3d the services of highly trained, innovative architects who have a proven track record of designing some of the finest residential and commercial buildings throughout the island. Le Antonio’s is therefore in an excellent position to provide high quality architectural plans and designs for extremely affordable fees.



Paving Services

We design your drive and walkway to your specification with beauty and style



Affordable roofing has never been so elegant! Le Antonio’s Roofing and Construction Ltd.....





Building a swimming pool to enhance the comfort and value of your home or resort should no longer be a flight



Air Conditioning Sales

Le Antonio’s Ltd has now acquired the right to distribute state of the art Edjitsu Air Condition systems through our Montego Bay office.



Affordable roofing has never been so elegant! Le Antonio’s Ltd’s guiding philosophy of “the best for less” has driven the company to

find the most economical roofing systems for the lowest prices on the market. Le Antonio’s will identify the most suitable roofing system for your home, commercial or resort building and provide expert advice on the most affordable way to install or customize your roof.

Our team of experienced roofing technicians has wide experience in dealing with all the following modern roofing systems:
* Decra Tiles                               * Fibre Glass Shingle               
* Decra Bond            * Wood Shingle           
* Clay Tiles                   * Corona Shakes    

* Alu-Steel

* Slab Roof

Le Antonio’s Roofing team is also proficient in the provision of all the services related to the repair, modernizing or overhaul of roofs, including the following:

    • * Roof designing & Framing
    • *Waterproofing
    • * Ceilings (Popcorn included)
    • * Guttering
    • * Felting & Insulation

    There is no need for further delay! Call Le Antonio’s Ltd. now for a free estimate to install your new roof or to repair, modernize or overhaul your existing roof. To ensure your complete protection and peace of mind we provide a satisfactory guarantee for all work done by our team.




Le Antonio’s Ltd. has already carved out a name for itself as a dynamic player in the real estate development sector.

Our company has earmarked several exciting and potentially highly profitable

development projects in selected areas in the island. These projects range from high end residential developments in highly desirable locations to a variety of resort projects in premium locations.

Le Antonio’s Ltd. is willing to enter into negotiations with interested persons or companies who share an interest in developing dynamic and potentially rewarding partnerships in the real estate development sector. We will invite such persons to look at the proposed projects, identify the potential, discuss details and ultimately to enter into joint venture partnership agreements to drive the developments in a timely and profitable manner.

Our company will adhere to the highest standard of transparency and accountability in negotiating and executing any joint venture agreement. All agreements will be fully documented, vetted and approved by our team of experienced and reputable Attorneys-at-Law.

“Take advantage of limitless opportunities that now exist in the sector guaranteed to yield desirable and unexpected rewards.”





Our company, an acknowledged leader in the real estate and construction sector offers a fresh and dynamic approach to the delivery of construction and related services to our valued local and overseas clients.

Le’ Antonio’s Roofing and Construction Ltd. is comprised of the most accomplished construction professionals and has already established an enviable track record of performance. Our guiding philosophy in the execution of building projects is to use the very latest technology and products in designing and constructing residential and commercial properties.



Why use Le’ Antonio’s Homes to build or renovate your dream home?

Our company brings a fresh and different approach to the business of home construction and re-modeling that is based on efficiency and transparency. This innovative way of doing business is especially helpful to our overseas clients. Our professional business ethic guarantees accountability and features the following in relation to building projects:

*Monthly written reports of construction progress

*Up to date photographs of building site

*Timely certification of completed work

*Periodic accounting statements of income and expenditure

*On site inspection by local agent of the client



Le’ Antonio’s Products & Services

Our company also offers a dynamic range of services and products relating to construction and home improvement.
These services are also provided on the platform of Le’ Antonio’s philosophy of the highest regard for customer satisfaction.
The following services and products therefore emphasise quality and value in an unbeatable combination:

  • Construction
    Architectural plans & drawings
  • Landscaping
  • Pool Design and Construction
  • And much more


Why wait? Call Le’ Antonio’s now to discuss your special real estate and construction needs with one of our professionals. Suddenly, hassle and delay will be a thing of the past as you embark on a rewarding journey leading to the fulfillment of your dream.