Le-Antonio’s Paving service

We design your drive and walkway to your specification with beauty and style. Our  services range from block paving driveway installation, through patio laying to driveway and patio refurbishment and restoration. Le-Antonio’s Roofing and Construction Limited Paving Services provides a complete start to finish package including a full design and landscaping service.



Le-Antonio’s Paving leaves its customers feeling highly satisfied with its professional, fast, efficient, friendly, ultimate service.

To ensure your home is given a lift that will enhance its value and appearance make Le-Antonio’s Paving your choice to provide it.


Le-Antonio’s Paving offers a range of options to accommodate your every need and will happily recommend the material type

for your job. With its driveway design service you can sit back, relax and let us design you a driveway that fits your taste.

With circle features, almost invisible manhole covers, kerb edgings and drainage systems you can rest assured that every customer is left feeling fanatic about their new look. Whether it be a small home driveway or a commercial forecourt, no job

is too big or small.


The same intense attention to detail will be applied. Block paving is the common material type for driveways , with many different striking shades , sized, shapes available the market is becoming saturated. Le-Antonio’s  paving ensures that it utilizes high quality blocks that will not collapse under the weight of vehicles. 


The hard-wearing blocks are a popular choice for a refined and welcoming approach to any home that will enhance the character of your location. With our expertise and experience the Le-Antonio’s  Paving installation team will ensure that customer satisfaction is highly valued. 


Le-Antonio’s Roofing and construction limited Paving’s supplier has a vast range of different patios to accommodate every customer need. With its vast display area customers can see the patios before they reach their final choice of color and pattern. 


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Le-Antonio’s creates a space that allows garden parties to flourish and kids play areas to be safe and clean.Moss and other weeds can cause driveways to look old and aged.  Le-Antonio’s Paving has its own refurbishment team which will come and revive the life in your patio or driveway.




  • 1. Firstly the area will be pressure cleaned removing weeds, moss and algae. Specific areas that have been damaged by oil stains will also be chemically treated.




  • 2. The field will then be treated with herbicide to kill any new seeds that may be waiting to get.A fine graded sand will then be brushed into the joints of block paving which prevents any movement of the blocks under the pressure of vehicles.



  • 3. Finally an all weather sealant will be applied to the driveway or patio. This gives the area the “wet look” that many customers ask for. The sealant not only improves the life span of the area but also prevents further weed growth, penetration of oil, frost damage and UV rays damage.





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