Le Antonio’s Ltd. has already carved out a name for itself as a dynamic player in the real estate development sector.

Our company has earmarked several exciting and potentially highly profitable

development projects in selected areas in the island. These projects range from high end residential developments in highly desirable locations to a variety of resort projects in premium locations.

Le Antonio’s Ltd. is willing to enter into negotiations with interested persons or companies who share an interest in developing dynamic and potentially rewarding partnerships in the real estate development sector. We will invite such persons to look at the proposed projects, identify the potential, discuss details and ultimately to enter into joint venture partnership agreements to drive the developments in a timely and profitable manner.

Our company will adhere to the highest standard of transparency and accountability in negotiating and executing any joint venture agreement. All agreements will be fully documented, vetted and approved by our team of experienced and reputable Attorneys-at-Law.

“Take advantage of limitless opportunities that now exist in the sector guaranteed to yield desirable and unexpected rewards.”



Pool Construction and Repair

Building a swimming pool to enhance the comfort and value of your home or resort should no longer be a flight of fantasy. Le Antonio’s range of expert construction services will allow the design and installation of a luxury pool within a surprisingly affordable budget.




Le Antonio’s Roofing and Construction Ltd. will utilize the latest, most creative North American and European designs to bring a fresh, dazzling, high end appearance to your new or existing home. After construction and installation our technicians will be available to maintain your pool in pristine condition to ensure continuous trouble free enjoyment of your investment.


Take that dive now! Call us for our free estimate and professional guidance through all the stages of design and construction of your dream pool.